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Mounted Search and Rescue

Information about the Mounted Search and Rescue team


The Lake Mishnock Mounted Search and Rescue team was organized in 2007 by James Galligan and Sean Fay.  The mounted search and rescue team consists of one horse and two members.  The horse is Caramba, the members are: James Galligan and Sean Fay.

MISSION STATEMENT: The primary mission of the Lake Mishnock Mounted Search and Rescue team is to establish a well-trained and fully equipped search & rescue unit capable of assisting in disasters and in locating lost, abducted, or missing persons in the town of West Greenwich and surrounding areas in a timely and efficient manner without endangering the searchers or further hazarding the lost person.


What are the advantages of using horses

for search and rescue work

  • Horses can travel faster and farther than their human counterparts.
  • Horses give their riders a higher viewing platform to search from.
  • Horses can transport needed equipment such as medical, block & tackle, litters and radio equipment.
  • Horses are very aware of their surroundings and will alert their rider to anything out of the ordinary.
  • Mounted searchers can stay out longer and are more rested at the end of a search.

Information on the Horses and their partners

Gems Iesha Tia passed away on 09/26/2012. She will always be remembered.  

James Galligan has been involved with horses for a few years and has the experience to ride and maintain horses.  James Galligan is an EMT-C and has been on the Lake Mishnock Fire Department since 1977 and in 1984 he achieved getting his EMT license.

Sean Fay's partner is Caramba Cie.  Caramba is half Arabian and half Pinto and his color is white with big splashes of brown mixed in.  Caramba is just over 900 pounds in weight and is 15.1 hands.  "Hand" is the measurement of the height of a horse, a hand is equal to 4 inches.  Sean Fay has been involved with horses for over a decade.  Sean is very experienced and he is also the horse trainer.  Sean Fay is a Firefighter on the Fire Department and has been on the department since 2005.

The horses are very well taken care of and taken out regularly for exercise and training. 


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